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.Mind Body & Spirit.

The Mind, Body and Spirit section focuses on the complementary healers, clairvoyants and readers who contribute to Glastonbury’s unique atmosphere. We would be grateful if you let our advertisers know that you have found them through The Oracle website.

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Shamanic Healing
Cat Larsson

I am giving healing sessions in the sacred space of a medicine wheel where you meet the elements, guides, angels, power animals and ancestors. The aim of the healing session is to help you get a clearer picture of your situation, remove energy that is holding you back, and give you some tips about how to get in contact with your higher self and your helpers. The session takes 2 hours.

Tel: 0758 1155259
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing for People and Animals

Jim, started Shamanic work in the 1980's and continues today with Chris Luttichau from Northern Drum UK Shamanic Centre. Shamanic healing offers a range of healings, including plant essence remedies and tinctures. Jim volunteers at a drop-in healing center in Exeter, and undertakes healings for the Devon-based Barn Owl Trust