All adverts on The Oracle website cost �20 for 1 year. FEATURED EVENTS adverts are charged at the minimum 6 month rate of �10. FEATURED EVENTS adverts comprise up to 300 words and 2 images. Adverts under WHERE TO STAY, DIRECTORY OF SERVICES, MIND BODY SPIRIT and SHOPPING comprise up to 50 words and one image.

Advertisement sizes and costs for the paper Oracle:

• Quarter Page £40 (£110 for 3 months) Portrait 130mm x 92.5mm
• Eighth Page £22 (£55 for 3 months) Landscape 63mm x 92.5mm
• Sixteenth Page £12 (£30 for 3 months) Landscape 30mm high x 92.5mm wide 30 words max
• Half page £75 (£210 3 months) Landscape 130mm x 190mm
• Full page £140 Portrait 267mm x 190mm

Adverts preferably received as Grayscale JPEGs 400dpi, although PDFs and MSWord should work.

PAYMENTS can be made through Paypal by filling in the amount due. You can pay for website or paper adverts - or both together.

Free listing. This category is for Events only. Up to 30 words, including contact details, will be published in the Events calendar of both Oracles. Go to Contact Us on the menu, send us an email and we will put the event up.