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.Mind Body & Spirit.

The Mind, Body and Spirit section focuses on the complementary healers, clairvoyants and readers who contribute to Glastonbury’s unique atmosphere. We would be grateful if you let our advertisers know that you have found them through The Oracle website.

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Healing Therapies
Elisa Pagnutti

The Angelic Realm works with the highest possible vibration...LOVE. We are here to spread it! Personally, I would love to share with you, from my heart to yours my services:
I invite you to visit my website to find out more about me and my work. In LOVE & LIGHT,yours Ely Phone: Email: Website:

Healing Therapies
Energy Healing & Mentorship for Spiritual Explorers and Star Seeds.

Are you on the path of Transformation & Awakening?
Would you like support and helpful tools that empower and assist your unfolding into your highest purpose?

Appointments in Somerset, or via skype.

Contact: Charlotte Phillips

Healing Therapies

Unlock the door and start your journey of well-being and transformation.

I am a healer and have worked over the past five years both in England and in France.

I offer Reiki, Past Life Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda Face Massage and Colour Therapy.

I am fully qualified in all my therapies and insured.

Healing Therapies
Ride the Mind.

Cycling therapy where you are the passenger. You take in the journey and talk as you are transported in a mind cleansing therapeutic journey on a selection of 'Long John' Danish bikes.

Contact Long John Jono.

Tel: 07971 015486
@: [email protected]