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GoogleGoogle web search engine
Avalon ConnectionsWeb resources with Glastonbury/Avalon connections
Glastonbury Online Largest Glastonbury site & guide to businesses
Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre Serving pilgrims to Glastonbury of all faiths and none
Isle of Avalon A guide to the mythos, sites and atmosphere of Glastonbury
Local bus
Transport - coaches
Transport - Rail
The Mists of AvalonHere at The Mists Of Avalon , we provide information on subjects related to, Glastonbury, Avalon and Camelot as well as information on the mysterious Glastonbury Zodiac in Somerset, England.
Unique PublicationsGateway into the last 30 years of Glastonbury's alternative community
Arts & Music
Glastonbury Radio Glastonbury based internet radio
The Assembly RoomsMusic and arts venue on the High St
Community Organisations & Charities
Glastonbury Community Development Trust
Healing Gardens Community Project. We are developing a biodynamic permaculture project with gardens, chickens and horses, for the local community to involve themselves with.
Red Brick Building Centre, GlastonburyOur vision is for a centre of excellence for sustainability and the arts, using environmentally sound building practices, where: people can learn about sustainable restoration of buildings; new social enterprises can be supported and nurtured with affordable workshops and offices; and local and international artists can perform and display their work.
Transition GlastonburyTransition Glastonbury are a network of local people who want to work and have fun together while doing things that encourage Glastonbury to be a flexible and resilient community as we face the big challenges of climate change, economic uncertainty and the end of cheap oil. Our network is connected to the wider network of Transition Somerset which itself is linked to a national and international network of Transition villages, towns and cities. We are a broad coalition seeking to work in partnership with individuals, local groups, businesses and our Town Council. See Transition Network website
Sacred Sites
Chalice Well GardensBeautiful and peaceful gardens with the famous chalybeate spring
Glastonbury Goddess TemplePeople are drawn to Glastonbury, to Avalon, from all over the world. Many know not what it is they seek, but they return time after time. A large number find here, in the landscape itself, the form of the Goddess and the transformation She offers. We needed a focal point for this worship. The people who come here need a permanently available sacred space in which to study, learn, be creative and above all honour the Goddess of their hearts.
Glastonbury Abbey
The White SpringWater Temple in honour of chalk spring across the road from Chalice Well
The Ancient Landscape around GlastonburyEnergy centres, ancient remains ley alignments, coasts and islands Palden Jenkins
St Margaret's Chapel and the Magdalene Almshouses St Margaret's Chapel is a rather special, atmospheric little chapel on Magdalene Street in Glastonbury. Once part of a former medieval complex outside the Abbey, it served initially as a hospital and later as almshouses for the poor.
Friends of Brides MoundWebsite detailing past & future events at Bride's Mound.