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A list of our featured and noteworthy events.

Featured Event
Relax Kids

Are you PASSIONATE about children’s mental health?
Do you feel the education system is not doing enough?
Run your own business teaching relaxation and mindfulness to children.
Do something you LOVE.
JOIN a movement that is making a huge difference to children’s lives.

Featured Event
Seraphim Blueprint level 1 workshop
Chalice Well 10-5pm 20 March 2018

Shekinashram 2-5pm 21 March 2018 - Seraph Channeling

Seraphim Blueprint spiritual system is an ancient spiritual energy system of different energy waveforms transmitted by the high angel, a Seraph, directly to you during the workshop. If celestial energy resonates within your consciousness and you want to begin a remarkable journey of transformation then this 1 day course is a must. You will learn from the master energy coach Ruth Rendely, world expert on angel healing and multiple souls theory.

The attunements in this level 1 workshop help you to:
direct positive wellbeing energy to self, others, pets, plants, crystals etc
in person or distantly (like Reiki levels 1-2)
energise a space e.g. car or room with a crystal grid creating a protective energy
use the divine harmony of the universe to balance aspects of self
Increase prana in food and water you consume
Create a channel to ascended masters to receive darshan/blessings

Chalice Well Course fee £150 plus booking fee at www.eventbrite.co.uk
Shekinashram channeling the Seraph –
Donations on the day, thank you.

Further details www.seraphimblueprint.com , www.sixwings.co.uk or email service@sixwings.co.uk
Sharon 07985184940

Featured Event
Hatha Yoga - Yoga Pure and Simple

Sunday 27th May 10.30am to 1pm £20
Goddess House, Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

A practice of Hatha Yoga with Pranayama, Asana and Meditation
by Andrew Wrenn and Francesca Giusti.
Find your sparkle and soothe your nervous system with the ancient arts of Yoga.
A balancing morning suitable for all levels.

Featured Event
Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat

Brook End, Compton Dundon, 10-13th May 2018
With Author & Plant Whisperer, Rachel Corby

Sacred Plant Medicine involves direct communication with plant spirits and results in deeply personal messages from the plant realms.

During the retreat you will learn unique processes to reawaken your ability to learn directly from plants; to tap into their sacred medicine, spirit essence and guidance. You will learn to develop your sensitivity through direct perception, sensory acuity, and your own body wisdom. In addition you will discover how to use shamanic journey to gain access to the plant realms.

Once you have received your personal message from each plant you will make a remedy with it that will act as a sacred elixir; holding the medicine offered to you by the plant. A remedy that you can then take to activate the medicine and keep your relationships with the plant spirits alive within you.

This retreat is residential. All food, refreshments, course materials and 3 nights camping is included (please bring your own tent).

For further details and to book please visit: http://www.wildgaiansoul.com/678800/sacred-plant-medicine-retreat/

Contact Rachel

Featured Event
Mystic Heart Festival
4 – 8 July 2018

Four Days of Alchemy, Magic and Love

This Summer sees the second Mystic Heart Festival; now extended to a four day gathering of Mystics, Seekers, Healers, Lovers and Friends, held at Dorset’s Osho Leela, the centre for connection and celebration on July 4-8 2018.
The festival organisers will offer a beautifully held space of the heart starting with a powerful opening ceremony to enable you to feel centred within yourselves, connect with each other and feel supported by the earth and spirit. Experienced hosts Svabhavo and Akhilanda, who both have many years of holding space for deep inner transformation say: “We are offering a chance to open minds and hearts to the esoteric, intuitive and metaphysical whilst being held in a grounded, safe and heartful space. This festival will be a wonderful opportunity to lift your vibration and feel your heart connected to spirit and others.”
There will be Psychics, Goddess Rituals, Human Design, Astrology, Crystal Healing, Satsang, Fire Walking, Meditations, Dance and more.

Prices from £207 Tel 01747 821221
For full details of the festival, workshops and workshop leaders:

Featured Event

Original form of Yang Cheng Fu Pushing Hands
Qi Gung
Tai Chi Weapons

Held Mondays 8-9pm at the Tor Leisure Centre,
and Thursdays 11.30-12.30 at the Strode Swimming Pool.

For more details turn up on the day;
text 07811 185 944 or email taichi@hmace.co.uk

Tel: 07811 185 944
@: taichi@hmace.co.uk
Featured Event

5 RHYTHMS CLASSES Everyone is welcome to come and dance 5 Rhythms in the Town Hall, Glastonbury. Take the journey out of the head and into the feet, feel your body, move it, feel alive, awake, released, fulfilled. Take it at your own pace. Wear layers of comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water to drink. Every Monday from 7:15 - 9:45pm; 10 pounds For more information, contact Jean

Featured Event

Featured Event

The Isle of Avalon Foundation is a centre of excellence that offers workshops and talks on contemporary spirituality in Glastonbury. Healing, personal growth and transformation. We currently offer several year-long trainings, as well as a wide variety of weekend and one-day workshops. All our courses are potentially life-changing and definitely inspirational! The Glastonbury Experience 2/4 High Street Glastonbury BA6 9DU

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