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Featured Event
Sweatlodge - Qi Gong - Breathwork - Shamanic Journeying

October 28th & 29th 2017, near Taunton, Somerset

Consider what makes your heart sing and what lights you up from within. Allow self-limiting beliefs to transform into something of beauty as you awaken to your True Nature.

This is the first of a series of four seasonal workshops designed to support you in transformational growth, aiding deeper connection with your True Nature and with Source. Each workshop stands alone and is complete in itself but when taken in combination will lead to a greater depth of transformation.

The workshop will be co-lead by Jayne Chidgey-Clark and Karen Clarke. The complimentary skills and experiences of these two women are united by their passion, care and love of service. They bring great warmth, humour and compassion to their teaching and have a strong desire to help empower you and support you on your unique journey.

Over the course of the weekend, Jayne and Karen will weave together threads from different traditions to help bring about positive shifts in your way of being. They will share powerful and transformative practices such as Qi Gong, bliss breathwork, Tibetan Tonglen, shamanic journeying, song and story-telling. The workshop will culminate in the ancient and sacred ceremony of the sweatlodge – a place of true release, vision, connection and rebirth.

Cost - £150 including lunch, drinks and snacks
Non refundable deposit of £30 by 08 October
Early bird rate of £130 if paid by 07 October

For more details or to book :
Email – jccpartnership@btinternet.com
Website – http://www.jccpartnership.com/workshops-and-events
Tel - 07771 34970 (Jayne) or 07391 454096 (Karen)
Facebook – Awakening to Your True nature : The Breath of Life

Featured Event

Original form of Yang Cheng Fu Pushing Hands
Qi Gung
Tai Chi Weapons

Held Mondays 8-9pm at the Tor Leisure Centre,
and Thursdays 11.30-12.30 at the Strode Swimming Pool.

For more details turn up on the day;
text 07811 185 944 or email taichi@hmace.co.uk

Tel: 07811 185 944
@: taichi@hmace.co.uk
Featured Event

5 RHYTHMS CLASSES Everyone is welcome to come and dance 5 Rhythms in the Town Hall, Glastonbury. Take the journey out of the head and into the feet, feel your body, move it, feel alive, awake, released, fulfilled. Take it at your own pace. Wear layers of comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water to drink. Every Monday from 7:15 - 9:45pm; 10 pounds For more information, contact Jean

Featured Event

Featured Event

The Isle of Avalon Foundation is a centre of excellence that offers workshops and talks on contemporary spirituality in Glastonbury. Healing, personal growth and transformation. We currently offer several year-long trainings, as well as a wide variety of weekend and one-day workshops. All our courses are potentially life-changing and definitely inspirational! The Glastonbury Experience 2/4 High Street Glastonbury BA6 9DU

Preparation for Ascension
Multidimensional Energy Clearing and Realignment

Preparation for Ascension Multidimensional Energy Clearing and Realignment This is facilitated either as a group or on an individual 1-to-1 basis.This comprises: A deep relaxation technique to take you into altered states of conciousness. Clearing of the past and all of the chakras and realigning them on the highest possible vibration that is safe and comfortable. Aligning and overshadowing by the Ascended Masters and Angels to their colours and rays. Overshadowing by Egyptian Energies in preparation for the soul retrieval. Bringing all parts of the body and soul back into wholeness that have been lost, stolen, destroyed, frozen or fragmented from past lives. Rescinding all oaths and contracts from the auric field from past lives. Removing curses, black magic, voodoo and spells from the auric field from past lives. Removing implants from the auric filed from past lives. Removing discarnate spirits, thought-forms, hooks and cords from the auric field from past lives. Clearing, cleansing, purifying and transmuting the genetic bloodline on the fathers and mothers side, 7 generations back and 7 forward. Activating the ascension flame in the heart and reconnecting all strands of DNA. Aligning and activating 5 higher dimensional chakras to the source and to the crystal in the centre of the earth. Realigning with the Christ Consciousness Grid in preparation for Ascension. Aligning with Soul Brotherhood from the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturius, Polaris and Lyra. Activating the Light Bodies to the highest possible frequency that is safe and comfortable for each individual.

Tel: 07974 119 754
WWW: http://camelotretreat.com/
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