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A list of our featured and noteworthy events.

Featured Event

Featured Event
2017 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Workshops
Instructor Carrie Rowell traveling from Hawaii

Goddess Hall Benedict Street Glastonbury

4-Day Lomi Lomi Course August 14-17
Approved by CThA for Post Graduate 20 CPD points.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage has been used as a powerful tool for maintaining a healthy way of life for centuries. This massage is profoundly relaxing and powerfully detoxifying. The long forearm strokes are fun to practice and easy on the therapist’s body and hands.

Each day you will learn new exercises and massage techniques designed to harness the power of the elements. This massage is profoundly relaxing, creating a deep trance state to allow the receiver to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs that cause illness in the body.

You Will Learn:
-The history and philosophy surrounding this work including the practice of ho'oponopono, and its role in healing.
- Breath and movement exercises to activate your energy potential.
- Hawaiian massage techniques including a full body routine
- Variations to work with specific conditions and different body types.
- Self-Lomi for honoring and maintaining your own body.

Only £495 when you register by April 1 or £545 after.

Advanced Lomi Lomi August 19-20

Deepen your practice and increase your skills with advanced techniques including Lomi Iwi (bone washing), above and below the body work, tandem work and more in this weekend intensive.

Open to my prior students and graduates of any of my 2017 basic courses. You can reserve a spot with a non- refundable deposit of £50.

Pay £225 when you book by April 1 or £250 after.

Pay £695 for both courses when you book by April 1 £755 after.

See website for courses in Holland and all-inclusive retreats in Hawaii.

For registration and information see www.hamoea.com

WWW: www.hamoea.com
Featured Event

Sunday 27th of August
10.30 am to 1 pm
Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

A practice of Hatha Yoga with Pranayama, Asana and Meditation
by Andrew Wrenn and Francesca Giusti.

We welcome you again to practice with us - find your sparkle and soothe your nervous system with the ancient arts of Yoga. A balancing morning suitable for all levels.

Featured Event

16th-21st September 2017, at Brook End, Compton Dundon

This Sacred Plant Medicine Immersion is an opportunity to deepen your work with plant spirits and the sacred nature of plant medicine making. Each day you will work with one single plant allowing your connection to develop as you taste and study the body of the plant before journeying to meet the plant spirit. You will then deepen the experience as you harvest in a sacred manner and continue on to make remedies. Depending on the plant of the day the remedies you make will include two or more of the following each day: tinctures, liquid extractions, syrups, oils, salves, vinegars, foot baths, limpias, skin washes, decoctions, essences...

At the conclusion of our time together you will have the confidence to treat yourself with home remedies and make your own wild and sacred first aid kit. You will have found plant allies and spiritual medicine from the plant realm. You will also have developed a deep connection to the plant realm and have cultivated a sense of belonging among your green relations.

This work involves dropping into your body and working with your senses to understand each individual plant nature and begin the communication process with plants, body to body. You will also drop deeper, into your heart, to communicate directly with the feeling of the plant to understand it's spiritual medicine. Dropping further still you will enter the dream state, to journey and adventure with plant spirits where they can show you their realm, a true deepening of your individual relationship with each plant we study.

This Immersion will be run by author and medicine woman Rachel Corby

Investment: £605. Includes 7 nights camping, all meals, all materials, all teaching.

For full details and booking visit www.gatewaystoeden.com

Featured Event
Infinite Love - a Yoga sharing with Andrew and Francesca

Sunday 10th of September from 7 to 8.15pm
at Shekinashram, Glastonbury.
Using the tools of gentle asana and pranayama
to lift the veils and reveal infinite Love!
Expect relaxing yoga postures, soothing pranayama and some sitting meditation.

Andrew and Francesca teach at their yoga studio in Cheshire
workshops and retreats in Somerset
and other locations in UK and Europe,
and online at Ekhart Yoga.
£9 / £7 concessions

More info and bookings
info@pureyogacheshire.co.uk, phone 07909144414

Featured Event

Original form of Yang Cheng Fu Pushing Hands
Qi Gung
Tai Chi Weapons

Held Mondays 8-9pm at the Tor Leisure Centre,
and Thursdays 11.30-12.30 at the Strode Swimming Pool.

For more details turn up on the day;
text 07811 185 944 or email taichi@hmace.co.uk

Tel: 07811 185 944
@: taichi@hmace.co.uk
Featured Event

5 RHYTHMS CLASSES Everyone is welcome to come and dance 5 Rhythms in the Town Hall, Glastonbury. Take the journey out of the head and into the feet, feel your body, move it, feel alive, awake, released, fulfilled. Take it at your own pace. Wear layers of comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water to drink. Every Monday from 7:15 - 9:45pm; 10 pounds For more information, contact Jean

Featured Event

Featured Event

The Isle of Avalon Foundation is a centre of excellence that offers workshops and talks on contemporary spirituality in Glastonbury. Healing, personal growth and transformation. We currently offer several year-long trainings, as well as a wide variety of weekend and one-day workshops. All our courses are potentially life-changing and definitely inspirational! The Glastonbury Experience 2/4 High Street Glastonbury BA6 9DU

Preparation for Ascension
Multidimensional Energy Clearing and Realignment

Preparation for Ascension Multidimensional Energy Clearing and Realignment This is facilitated either as a group or on an individual 1-to-1 basis.This comprises: A deep relaxation technique to take you into altered states of conciousness. Clearing of the past and all of the chakras and realigning them on the highest possible vibration that is safe and comfortable. Aligning and overshadowing by the Ascended Masters and Angels to their colours and rays. Overshadowing by Egyptian Energies in preparation for the soul retrieval. Bringing all parts of the body and soul back into wholeness that have been lost, stolen, destroyed, frozen or fragmented from past lives. Rescinding all oaths and contracts from the auric field from past lives. Removing curses, black magic, voodoo and spells from the auric field from past lives. Removing implants from the auric filed from past lives. Removing discarnate spirits, thought-forms, hooks and cords from the auric field from past lives. Clearing, cleansing, purifying and transmuting the genetic bloodline on the fathers and mothers side, 7 generations back and 7 forward. Activating the ascension flame in the heart and reconnecting all strands of DNA. Aligning and activating 5 higher dimensional chakras to the source and to the crystal in the centre of the earth. Realigning with the Christ Consciousness Grid in preparation for Ascension. Aligning with Soul Brotherhood from the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturius, Polaris and Lyra. Activating the Light Bodies to the highest possible frequency that is safe and comfortable for each individual.

Tel: 07974 119 754
WWW: http://camelotretreat.com/
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